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Astra Energia is the one-point stop for private and public clients for the design and implementation of photovoltaic (PV) projects. At Astra we are aware of the potential of solar power and the ready availability of technologies to harness it. We believe in a future where solar makes the largest share of electricity production and we are committed to the realization of this vision.

Astra Energia is born from the collaboration of companies and professionals engaged for over a decade in the fields of energy technologies, IT and professional training. Our team comprises a senior management team, researchers from world-renowned institutions and engineers and technicians with proven expertise in multiple fields (electrical, industrial, civil, architecture, environmental, etc.).

The broad spectrum of experience and the high professional standards of the team of Astra allow the company to undertake and conclude with success ambitious projects that require technology know-how and management skills.

Our services include:

  • Industry intelligence: our energy analysts are abreast of latest industry trends to capture systematic as well as short-term cost advantages in the execution of photovoltaic projects and pass them to the client.
  • Consulting on optimal use of incentive frameworks: our energy policy experts and legal consultants are abreast of national and international incentive frameworks for renewable energy projects and execute all the back-end work on behalf of our clients.
  • Project finance: our financial analysts work with public and private investors to design optimized investment strategies.
  • Engineering: our engineers design and build state-of-the-art systems to assure reliable operation for 20+ years at the expected capacity factor.
  • Procurement: our strong procurement channels allow us to negotiate competitive supply terms on technologies, with cost advantages for the client.
  • Construction: our field engineers and technicians build our systems according to best practices of project execution and safety regulations.
  • Operation, maintenance and disposal: our plants include remote monitoring technologies for realtime control of productivity and prompt intervention in case of malfunctioning. We offer operation and maintenance contracts for the life-time of the plants.


Registro delle imprese del L'Aquila - Capitale sociale euro 200.000 Versato euro 50.000
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