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03/07/2013 - PHOTON: Italian solar companies plan PV projects, module factories in northeastern BrazilLabel

The head of Sedec, the economic development agency for the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, has met with representatives from Italian PV company Astra Energia SpA to discuss potential solar projects in Rio Grande do Norte. Astra Energia aims to install at least 50 MW of PV in the northeastern Brazilian state at a cost of about 3.2 million BRL ($1.6 million) per Watt – or about 160 million BRL for the initial 50 MW project. Astra Energia also intends to build a module manufacturing facility in the state – The size of the planned factory was not disclosed, but the factory would employ approximately 200 people.

10/08/2012 - Impresa&Impresa: In Val di Sangro the largest warehouse with fully integrated renewable energy generation and energy efficiencyLabel

With regard to the subjects of Green Economy and of future economic development and employment opportunities in the sector, we welcome to Impresa&Impresa Astra Energia Spa, a member of Confidi Mutualcredito, led by Dott. Piero Ferrara.
Astra Energia has recently built the largest warehouse with fully integrated renewable energy generation and energy efficiency, covering an area of 6350 square meters. The project has benefited from the incentives for photovoltaic energy under the 4th and 5th Conto Energia.
Dott. Ferrara, what did the project consist of?
Two warehouses have been built, which include fully integrated photovoltaic roofs and energy efficiency building envelopes. The warehouses have an extension of 3500 and 6350 square meters respectively.
What does "fully integrated" mean?
Full architectural integration means that the photovoltaic power plant is completely integrated in the building roof and replaces essential parts of the building envelope, such as the roof or the walls, in a functional and architecturally sound way.
What about energy efficiency?
These projects deployed special techniques and materials that are designed and installed to reduce the energy consumption of the building. In other words, these buildings have excellent thermal insulation and require only minimal amounts of energy to heat, in the winter season, or to cool, in the summer season. Moreover, these buildings have excellent acoustic insulation according to current regulations.
What is the most noteworthy aspect of these projects?
The warehouse with an extension of 6350 square meters is the largest in Italy with fully integrated renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. It is the third ever realized in Italy, after Astra’s 3500 square meter warehouse, built for Sabatini Autotrasporti, and the Lamborghini plant in Emilia Romagna.
How long did it take to complete this project?
Both warehouses were built in less than three months.
Who was the contractor?
The contractor was Euro Consulting Srl. Other companies were subcontracted, in particular Olzbau of Bressanone for the wooden beams, De Santi of Teramo for the foundations and carpentry, COSMEP of San nicolo’ for the steelwork and ISOLPAK for the thermally and acoustically insulated wall paneling.
In addition to these companies, which other parties have contributed?
I must acknowledge the exceptional support of Comune di Paglieta, the Consorzio Industriale della Val di Sangro, the Ispettorato del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico di Sulmona and ENEL. Management of these institutions has demonstrated vision in supporting projects that will create tens of skilled, well paying jobs.
Are projects of this sort expensive?
Not at all! If properly designed, managed and built, these facilities, in spite of the highly advantageous characteristics if compared with traditional ones, have totally comparable costs to reinforced concrete constructions.
Were these projects supported by incentives for photovoltaic energy?
Certainly. The 4th Conto Energia for fully integrated systems with energy efficiency has subsidies up to euros 0.448 per kWh, in addition to the resale of electricity. The 5th Conto Energia has reduced these subsidies, but there are still interesting opportunities. However, the time of purely speculative projects has thankfully ended.
Projects for the future?
We are witnessing a more rational phase of development of renewable energy projects where purely speculative initiatives are disappearing. The new phase presents substantial opportunities for public entities. Astra Energia is also investing substantial resources for the realization of a dedicated center for professional training in the space of renewable energy and sustainability. This center will certainly favor the diffusion of this culture in the region and ultimately promote its economic development.

06/03/2011 - IV Conto Energia: Truth and transparency on the future of renewable energy - C.R.E.A. for the Covenant of Mayors Label

Astra Energia participates in the 2011 Adriatic Housing Fair and organizes a Conference on renewable energy with specific focus on the Fourth Conto Energia. Astra will also present the C.R.E.A. project (Center for Research on Alternative Energy) in collaboration with the Abruzzo region, in support to private and public institutions active in the renewable energy space.

06/03/2011 - Inauguration of a 1MW photovoltaic system at the Mall Universe (Silvi), with the blessing of His Excellency Monsignor Michael SecchiaLabel

Reserve via e-mail at or at our Stand Astra Energia SpA at the Housing Fair on the June 2 through 5, 2011.

06/03/2011 - Reserve your free guided tour at the largest solar fields in Roseto DALabel

Reserve via e-mail at or at our Stand Astra Energia SpA at the Housing Fair on the June 2 through 5, 2011.

01/01/2011 - Astra Energia S.p.A. to build 10MW of ground-mounted PV power plants in Abruzzo by August 2011Label

Astra Energia S.p.A., an Italian company specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of ground and rooftop-mounted PV power plants, implementing innovative technological and financial solutions to improve productivity and return on investment for its clients, is the ideal partner for the development of technologically advanced, large-scale systems. Astra has already begun the construction of 4MW of ground-mounted systems in Roseto degli Abruzzi (Abruzzo), which are due for completion in April 2011, and is forecasting a total volume of installations of 10MW by August 2010. All the systems will be built according to the highest quality standards and will incorporate innovative mounting structures and advanced technologies of remote monitoring of system performance and energy productivity.

05/22/2010 - National Conference on Photovoltaic Systems - New guidelines and incentives for the production of photovoltaic energy Label

04/12/2010 - Astra Energia to build a 1MW system for the shopping mall L'Universo in Silvi. The plant is one of the largest roof-top systems in Abruzzo.

For the shopping mall L'Universo in Silvi, Astra is building one of the largest fully integrated photovoltaic systems in the region Abruzzo. The project, with a peak capacity of 0.999MW, is scheduled for completion in July 2010 and will incorporate innovative technologies for the mounting structures and the remote monitoring of system performance and energy productivity.

04/12/2010 - Astra Energia to build two large systems of 758kW and 470kW in Val di Sangro and San Salvo for Sabatini Autotrasporti.

Astra is proud to announce the beginning of construction of two systems of 758kWp and 470kWp respectively in Val di Sangro and San Salvo in the region of Abruzzo.
These fully integrated systems will cover the commercial facilities of Sabatini Autotrasporti, a leading company in national and international logistical services, and will help significantly reduce their environmental footprint. The projects are scheduled for completion in August 2010.

04/05/2010 - Astra Energia obtains the quality certification ISO 9001. Increases forecast figures for 2010 to a minimum of 5MW of new installed capacity.

Astra Energia was awarded the quality certification ISO 9001 for its operation center in L'Aquila. The prestigious title aknowledges the excellence of Astra's technological and business practices and coincides with a phase of strong growth, with 2010 figures expected to exceed 5MW of new installed capacity.

01/07/2010 - Astra Energia installs 1MW in 2009, a 50% y/y growth, and forecasts 2MW+ in 2010. Diversifies company's strategy to support strong growth in 2010.

Astra Energia is a fast growing player in the Italian PV market with 1MW installed in 2009 and 2MW+ expected for 2010. Astra will continue to increase its market position and improve the service and product offering to its clients in 2010. New directions of business development include the expansion of the remote monitoring, operation and maintenance business; the installation of ground mounted systems; the experimental test of innovative tracking technologies and the spin-off of an investment trust to facilitate financing of its own projects and of projects with strategic partners.

11/16/2009 - Astra Energia is proud sponsor and organizer of the National Convention "Photovoltaic energy: guidelines and concrete opportunities for the private and public sectors".

 Astra Energia is proud to organize the National Convention "L'energia fotovoltaica: Certezze ed opportunità concrete per le Imprese e la Pubblica Amministrazione" (Photovoltaic
energy: guidelines and concrete opportunities for the private and public sectors) which will be held on November 28. The conference is targeting decision makers from the public and private sectors, in particular from the region Abruzzo, with the goal of disseminating the culture and know-how of developing renewable energy resources and of discussing concrete opportunities with industry and Government experts on the panels.
Conference's web site:

01/29/2009 - National Conference on Photovoltaic Systems.

The aim of the conference is to clarify the possible doubts, spreading the culture of the use of photovoltaic energy, with particular reference to the Abruzzo region, highlighting the advantages that the use of this technology entails.
Conference's web site:

In the Press

Pubblicate su Gestore servizi elettrici

01/10/2009 - La tecnologia e il funzionamento degli impianti fotovoltaici

01/01/2009 - Conto Energia: Aggiornamento tariffe incentivanti fotovoltaico - Anno 2009

Pubblicate su Autorità per l'energia elettrica e il gas

04/13/2007 - Delibera AEEG 90/07

04/13/2007 - Delibera AEEG 88/07

04/13/2007 - Delibera AEEG 89/07

02/13/2006 - Delibera AEEG n. 28/06 Condizioni tecnico-economiche del servizio di scambio sul posto dell’energia elettrica prodotta da impianti alimentati da fonti rinnovabili di potenza nominale non superiore a 20 kW, ai sensi dell’articolo 6 del decreto legislativo 29 dicembre 2003, n. 387

Pubblicate sul portale Regione Abruzzo

03/08/2004 - Progressi ottenuti dalla Regione Abruzzo rispetto agli obiettivi di Kyoto per la dimunizione delle emissioni di CO2 in atmosfera (pdf 72KB)

Pubblicate sul portale Corriere della Sera

12/10/2008 - UE, intesa sulle energie rinnovabili

Altre fonti

02/19/2007 - DM 19/02/2007 Criteri e modalità per incentivare la produzione di energia elettrica mediante conversione fotovoltaica della fonte solare, in attuazione dell'articolo 7 del decreto legislativo 29 dicembre 2003, n. 387 (pdf 156KB)

12/29/2006 - Dlgs 311/06 su rendimento energetico in edilizia

08/19/2005 - Attuazione della direttiva 2002/91/CE relativa al rendimento energetico nell'edilizia

12/29/2003 - Attuazione della direttiva 2001/77/CE relativa alla promozione dell'energia elettrica prodotta da fonti energetiche rinnovabili nel mercato interno dell'elettricità

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