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In the photovoltaic process, the photons of the incoming solar radiation accelerate electrons in special materials and generate an electric current. The current is then converted from constant to alternating (the one we use) by special devices called inverters. There are no power cycles and large turbines, like in conventional fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. There is no need for large constructions, such as dams and channels in hydroelectric power. Photovoltaic energy can be generated anywhere there is sunlight, above your home, in the country, over a shed, on platforms in the middle of the sea or in space.

Photovoltaic energy has also other major advantages:

  • the fuel is free, because the sun is the source;
  • the operation of the plant is absolutely clean and environmentally friendly;
  • the amount of maintenance is minimal, because there are no moving parts or components under stress;
  • the system can be dimensioned to meet specific needs.

One of the incorrect notions about photovoltaic systems is that they produce only with clear skies. In fact, these systems work also with diffused light. Moreover, excess energy stored during the day can be used during the night, overcoming the intermittency of solar power. The technical team of Astra Energia is able respond to specific needs with tailored solutions.

The future of photovoltaic energy looks bright:

  • decreasing costs;
  • low pollution during operation;
  • long life-time: some materials maintain a power output up to 80% of the initial value even after thirty years of continuous operation;
  • low maintenance;
  • low impact on the environment.


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