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Energy costs are becoming an increasing concern in corporate budgets. At the same time, investments in low-carbon energy resources might become ultimately advantageous in the context of a carbon-constrained economy and beneficial for corporate image.

The power required by medium and large businesses varies from a few hundred kilowatts to megawatts, with photovoltaic system costs ranging from a few tens of thousands to millions of euros. On a case-by-case basis Astra may become equity partner in the realization of these systems.

Astra Energia offers complete solutions for businesses, including:

  • Study of current and future energy needs.
  • Assistance in finding financing.
  • Management of administrative paperwork.
  • Photovoltaic system design.
  • Supply of technologies.
  • Turn-key implementation of the system.
  • Interface with grid operator.
  • Insurance of the system against fire, theft and non-production.
  • Interface with the GSE for the concession of government incentives.
  • Real-time monitoring of system performance.
  • System maintenance.
  • Technical assistance (remote and on-site).


Registro delle imprese del L'Aquila - Capitale sociale euro 200.000 Versato euro 50.000
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