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Small and large appliances, climate control, lighting, etc., require large quantities of energy whose costs have significant weight in a household’s budget. Moreover, the average family consumes 62% of its energy between 2PM and 12AM, when photovoltaic energy is not fully available (unless energy storage systems have been deployed).

Astra Energia designs systems dedicated to families, inclusive of energy storage systems. In-house energy consumption is complemented by resale of electricity to the grid, so that the electric bill is significantly reduced, while the cost of the system is repaid by Government incentives.

Astra Energia offers complete solutions for families, including:

  • Study of current and future energy needs.
  • Assistance in finding financing.
  • Management of administrative paperwork.
  • Photovoltaic system design.
  • Supply of technologies.
  • Turn-key implementation of the system.
  • Interface with the grid operator.
  • Insurance of the system against fire, theft and non-production.
  • Interface with the GSE for the concession of Government incentives.
  • Real-time monitoring of system performance.
  • System maintenance.
  • Technical assistance (remote and on-site).


Registro delle imprese del L'Aquila - Capitale sociale euro 200.000 Versato euro 50.000
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